POIUYT & Francesco Jodice

POIUYT meets Francesco Jodice

POIUYT meets Francesco Jodice, Milan 30 March 2017

To what extent does power reside today in the control of the threshold between the visible and the visible? How can our images become ‘a famous action’? Is it possible to develop infectious dispositives? How to interact with the institutional space of art whilst also taking it outside its perimeter? Can we challenge the authority of the artist and curator by hybridising their roles? Militant work or mediatic strategy? These are some of the questions emerging from the meeting between POIUYT and Francesco Jodice.
The conversation – which was recorded with a 360° camera in a single shot interrupted once by a technical problem – developed from the issues shared by the participants: their position towards the world of photography, the awareness of the ideological value of images, the inclination to question any given reality and to actively involve the spectator.

Technical partnership for the video with Francesco Jodice: Hypengage.com

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